With over 2 billion views each day, YouTube is the top video sharing website in the world. In fact, 82% of all online videos are on YouTube. With that in mind, it is no surprise that YouTube has quickly gained status as one of the best and most original online marketing tools available. Not only does YouTube allow you to create your own channel and upload your videos to it, it also permits profile and video optimization. In fact each individual video can be optimized. This is positive news considering that Google now includes videos in search engine results.

When your YouTube Channel ranks in addition to your website, it increases visibility for you and your business. When you choose a YouTube marketing package with Clean Green Development, we will create a YouTube Channel for you. Whenever possible, the Channel will be designed to closely match the look of your website. With a YouTube marketing package from Clean Green Development, you will also enjoy the benefits of back-linking. Because has a high page rank, a back link from the site increases your site’s credibility.


Custom Video Creation

Whatever the nature of your website we can act as a production service and also a presenter component and we take care of and manage the entire process and all creative stages. The first stage involves us receiving your initial requirements, which we then interpret with you as a guide. We have copywriters that will write the script, provide the talent and create the background, plus of course we develop the concept to completion, studio record the presenter, edit the recording and then develop the graphics and animation. Finally the content is compiled onto a file that can run on your website, which is either delivered directly to the customer or to their web developer as requested. At all times during the creation of the concept you are able to provide input and will be a part of the creative process.